The Future of Clipper

Here’s what we heard...

Clipper customers like their cards, but are interested in other options.

While many like the idea of paying for transit with a smartphone or a credit/debit card, the vast majority find tagging a Clipper card to a reader an appealing way to pay their fares.

Customers like adding value online or via Autoload.

While adding value online and via Autoload were the most popular ways to add value, more than half also liked the idea of paying through a mobile app or machines at a transit station or terminal.

Customers want to be able to add value immediately.

Many of the 2,900-plus commenters would like the value loaded online or by phone to be immediately available. Infrequent Clipper users cited this as a top reason they don’t use their cards more often.

Customers would like to use Clipper for other transportation purposes.

When asked how else they would like to use Clipper, respondents (providing multiple answers) listed public parking, transit parking and tolls among the most popular responses.

Clipper could do a better job serving specific groups of transit riders.

People who use or administer transit benefit and social service programs identified challenges with the way their programs currently work with Clipper and offered suggestions for better integration. Customers with disabilities provided suggestions for making Clipper easier to use.

Download the Future of Clipper Summary of Public Input (PDF)


Do you want to add your voice?

We always welcome feedback about what you would like to see in the next generation of Clipper! Send email to, or leave us a voicemail at 415.778.6680. We also encourage businesses, organizations and industry representatives to email with their thoughts on the next generation of Clipper.


What's Next

Planning the next-generation Clipper system involves combining the input we received, research on payment industry trends and technology, and transit agency requirements to determine the best way to invest public funds in Clipper. That will be followed by the selection of contractor(s) to design and build the next-generation system.


About Clipper

Clipper is the transit fare payment system for the San Francisco Bay Area. Launched in 2006 (as TransLink), the system now has more than 1.4 million cards in circulation and is used for more than 700,000 trips a day. Currently accepted on many Bay Area transit services, Clipper will expand over the next two years to be accepted on almost all transit services in the region. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), the Bay Area’s transportation planning, coordinating, and financing agency, operates Clipper in partnership with the region’s transit operators.

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