The Future of Clipper

Thank you for participating.

Since 2014, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and its transit agency partners have invited you to share what you want in the next generation of Clipper. In 2017, that outreach involved:

  • Email, voicemail and social media comments on a draft request for proposals seeking the firm that will design, build and manage the new Clipper system;
  • Focus groups to discuss preferences about customer service and purchasing;
  • An online survey to further explore these issues (with more than 8,700 responses);
  • Stakeholder interviews about accessibility, low-income access and transit benefit programs; and
  • An intercept survey of 1,088 non-Clipper users to further explore barriers to Clipper and test desired improvements.

We are grateful for your feedback and want to share what we learned:

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Our customers are diverse, value convenience, and have personal preferences or needs around transit payment. We should educate people about how we serve their needs today and in the future.

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Many want to use Clipper to pay for tolls, parking, paratransit and more. People are more likely to use Clipper if they could use it on more than transit.

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Transit riders want to add value on the go and use it immediately. Digital wallets, smart phone apps – people care more about being able to do it than how.

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People want more information than less. Most like self-serve customer service, while some prefer talking to a person on the phone.

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Transit riders want a regional fare policy with discounts across multiple transit agencies. The next generation of Clipper will accommodate policies set by the region’s transit agencies.

For more on the results of the 2017 public engagement program, download the 2017 Future of Clipper Public Engagement Executive Summary (PDF). For results of the previous round of public engagement, download the 2015 Future of Clipper Summary of Public Input (PDF).

You can continue to share what you would like in the future of Clipper via email at or via voicemail at 415.778.6680.


About Clipper

Clipper is the transit fare payment system for the San Francisco Bay Area. Launched in 2006 (as TransLink), the system now has more than 2 million cards in circulation and is used for about 800,000 trips on an average weekday. Clipper is accepted on all Bay Area transit services. MTC – the Bay Area’s transportation planning, coordinating and financing agency – operates Clipper in partnership with the region’s transit agencies.

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