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Get ready for the new Clipper!

Starting in 2024, Clipper will introduce new and improved features, products, and services that will make transit payments faster and more convenient. These features include:

More ways to pay

The new Clipper payment system will allow customers to pay for transit using a contactless credit or debit card in addition to plastic Clipper cards and mobile Clipper cards in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. This payment option will be available across 22 transit agencies in the Bay Area.

Instant value

Clipper's transition to a cloud-based system allows for instant availability of added value or passes on plastic and mobile cards no matter how value is added—eliminating wait time.

Discounted transfers

Riders that use more than one transit operator in a single trip (e.g., Muni to SamTrans) will only be charged full fare on the first operator. A transfer discount of up to $2.50 will apply on any additional operator they use within a two-hour window.

Mobile group tickets

Although the new Clipper system will not allow multiple fares to be paid using a single mobile or physical card, transit agencies will have the option to provide "mobile tickets" through the Clipper app. These mobile tickets enable groups of people to pay for their fares using just one phone.

Managing multiple accounts

Clipper's transition to a cloud-based system will enable families to manage multiple registered Clipper cards through the Clipper app.

Transit agency promotions

Transit agencies will be able to set discounted fares for specific times and events using an online promotions portal.

Pay for paratransit with Clipper

Riders who use paratransit will be able to pay for rides by providing their Clipper card number at booking.

Apply for youth or senior cards online

The new Clipper system will give youth and senior riders the option to apply for their discount program online in addition to applying in person or by mail.


About Clipper

Clipper is the transit fare payment system for the San Francisco Bay Area. Launched in 2006 (as TransLink), the system now has nearly 3 million cards in circulation and is used for about 850,000 trips on an average weekday. Clipper is accepted on all Bay Area transit services. MTC – the Bay Area’s transportation planning, coordinating and financing agency – operates Clipper in partnership with the region’s transit agencies.

Privacy Policy

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