Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the next generation of Clipper launch?
MTC and the transit operators plan to launch the next generation of Clipper by 2020.

Will I have to get a new Clipper card, or will my old card work with the new system?
Current plans are to allow existing cards to work with the new system.

Why are you changing the current system?
The original system was designed in the ‘90s, and some of the equipment is either difficult to replace or even obsolete. And while new technologies present exciting opportunities, integrating them into the existing Clipper system would be expensive and risky.

What are transit systems in other parts of the country doing?
Transit systems from Portland and Vancouver to Philadelphia and New York City are developing new fare payment systems that use smart cards, smartphones, credit cards, mobile apps and other new technologies.

How is the public involved in the design of the system?
We began seeking feedback from customers and the public to help guide development of the next-generation Clipper system in 2014 and will continue to provide feedback opportunities. Share your experiences with Clipper and what you’d like to see in the future via email at or via voicemail at 415.778.6680.